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BBWs and Helpful Definitions Regarding Size

Women and men of course come in all shapes and sizes – everyone knows that.  Our Group is pleased to say we welcome Women and Men of all sizes to our events and to help clarify things for those of you who might need a little help with this, here are some helpful guidelines regarding size.

BBW = Big Beautiful Woman

BHM = Big Handsome Man

BBC – Big Beautiful Couple OR Big Black Cock – can be confusing

For women:

Smaller than a size 12 – NOT a BBW at all

Size 12 – 16/18 – Considered a small BBW – or could also be a woman that would be called “Thick” or “Curvy”  Generally weigh between 180 – 250 lbs.  Height of course being a factor.

Size 20 – 26/28Considered a BBW.  No questioning of size and nothing would make you think she might squeak by as average.  Generally weigh between  250 – 300 lbs.  Height of course being a factor.

Above a size 30/32 – considered a Super-Size BBW – or SSBBW  These are the largest of all the BBW and the weight range of women in this category could go from 350 – 500 lbs. or more.  Height of course being a factor.

Men who are large themselves are NOT BBWs. BBW means Big Beautiful WOMAN.  Large size men are considered BHM which stands for Big Handsome Man.

Another term often thrown around is FA.  This term FA means Fat Admirer – other terminology is Chubby Chaser.  An FA can be male or female.  Female FAs can be attracted to large women or men or both.

Some men/women who enjoy BBWs consider themselves to have a fetish for fat women or men– but most men/women just understand that it’s all about preferences and they prefer larger women or men.

Many more men and women are what we call Bi-Sizual – and that basically means you like all sizes of women and men.  You would happily spend time with a small or average size woman /man OR a BBW/BHM of any size.

Some men and women have limits too and only like small BBWs and some only like the Biggest of the Big BBWs.

As we have touched upon before, we welcome women and men of ALL shapes and sizes. So, you never know what you will find at our events! 

Although we are not Exclusive to BBWs, they are clearly the majority at our events, and if you are not comfortable with a larger partner, perhaps our parties are not for you.


Other factors with Women of size –

Any size really, even the slimmest of women is Body Shape.

Pear Shape:  Most of the weight is in the bottom and thighs

Apple Shape:  Most of the weight is in the mid-section or belly

Hour Glass:  Small waist and proportionate Hips and Bust

Busty:  Top Heavy with large breasts.


Let’s talk about BREASTS

Women can wear a size 48 bra and be a “B” Cup and have small breasts.

Women can wear a size 32 bra and be a “D” Cup and have really large breasts.

Breast size is determined by the CUP size and NOT the Band size of the Bra.  “A” cup Very small breasts – and the further down the alphabet you go, the bigger the breasts get.  “E” cup, Super large breasts.  “C” & “D” Cup – Average size breasts based on proportion of course.  A

A woman who is a “D” Cup and wears a size 6 will have significantly smaller breasts than a woman who is a “D” Cup who is a size 24, but if you look at both women side by side, proportionately they will look the same.



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