Swinger Parties


 Over the years, newbies have had the following questions about what to expect at a party and here are our answers.  Hope it helps!

What is the average age?
Our age range is typically 23- 48, but varies from party to party.

Is the donation required?
It seems like everyone that comes, understands that these cost to plan/setup and likes to donate to cover the expenses such as, but not limited to:  hotel room suite, club and/or house rental, email software to keep our mailing list current and send out weekly newsletter, subscribing to almost every swinger website available to keep attracting newbies, refreshments (water, light snacks), utensils, bowls, cups, DVD players, coax FRM converter boxes/cables to connect DVD players to TV, adult DVD entertainment, i-pod, i-pod speakers, candles, garbage bags, latex gloves for cleanup, cleaning supplies to ensure hotel suite/house is spotless when we leave, decorations for theme parties, and more.... 


What time should I arrive?
Please arrive as close to the start time as possible, as it greatly increases your chances to socialize and makes for a better experience.  Although it's fine to arrive after the start time, arriving at the start gives people time to relax and get to know one another.  This applies to couples and singles!!!!


Should I bring a Hostess Gift?

Not necessary at all - but it is REALLY nice and appreciated!   We love them!!!  Click here to see some Suggested Gifts

How do I RSVP?
Send us ALL information required: your NAME, AGE, Cell number, date AND time of the party you wish to attend and DESCRIPTION.  Description means what you look like (height, weight, hair and eye color), gender, and relationship status.  If you are coming as a couple, please give descriptions for both of you.


How far in advance should I RSVP?
PLEASE only RSVP for a party the week that the party is taking place.  If you get an email that lists our future party dates on it, and wish to attend in 3 weeks, simply email us and ask to be placed on our mailing list.  When the email invitation goes out for the party you do wish to attend, RSVP at that time.  Email invites get sent out regularly!

Does one need to stay at the party the whole time? or until the end?
Not at all.  Just like any another party, you can leave whenever you need/want to.

What Kind of People come?
We have all kinds of people: professional, blue collar, students, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers.....every profession really.  We also welcome all races and body types.  We have slim, fit, athletic, thick, curvy and BBW body types.  We recognize that everyone has individual preferences and we don't discriminate against anyone for any reason.  The 2 things that everyone attending has in common are being open minded and respectful.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE BBW INFO..

How many people attend? 
Our daytime parties usually attract about 10-20 people and nighttime parties 25-45.  When we do our house parties, we have always had over 50, closer to 100 people.  Club parties get over 100 people.

Do you send out pictures?  Can I see who will be there?
DISCRETION and RESPECT are the most important parts of our parties, which is why people love our group.  We NEVER take or send out pictures of ourselves, members of our group, or our parties - as we are sure you can respect.   We ONLY use email to communicate with our group and everyone is always bcc'd for your privacy and discretion!

What is Today's/Tonight's Turnout Looking Like?
We get this question every time we have a party.  We have a wonderful turnout at our parties.  We make sure our ratios are good based on RSVPs.  We ask that you only RSVP if you will be attending, as we like to keep our ratios where they should be!

What about Alcohol?
We are 100% BYOB.  You will be asked to leave if caught drinking anyone elses alcohol.  If you drink excessively, please think twice about attending.  We do NOT want people to come and get flat out drunk at our parties.  Our goal is to provide a SAFE environment for all who attend - and if you are drunk, many guests will feel uncomfortable and you will not be able to safely drive home.  Be a RESPONSIBLE adult.  If you can't handle a drink or two, while remaining legally under the limit, you will not be invited back.  This is for your safety and the safety and comfort of our other guests who are able to play and drink responsibly.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS!

Is Smoking Allowed?
Regardless of where our party is being held - (hotel, club or house), there will be no smoking inside the party venue.  There is always a designated area for smokers to go outside to smoke but there will be no smoking inside any venue we host a party at. 

Is there a dress code?
We encourage you to be comfortable, but dress nicely.  Women, if you are dressing over the top sexy, please be discreet (ie: wear a jacket when entering the hotel) or feel free to change once you arrive at the party!  We do not allow baseball caps or 'hood-wear'.  Dress and behave like a socially mature young adult.

What about safety?
Safety is a top priority at all times both while at and outside our events.

What do we do if we see something or someone of concern at a party?
If anyone does anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or inappropriate, rather than waiting until after the party, PLEASE come to us right away or as soon as possible during the party so we can handle the situation immediately.  Discretion is KEY for us and no inappropriate behavior is tolerated at any of our parties.  Although we are actively monitoring rooms throughout the events, we also rely on our guests to help monitor as well.  Whenever we are notified of any behavior of concern we will act on it immediately.

This will be my first party, what can I expect?
Most people mix and mingle just as they would at any other party.  Everyone is super friendly and easy to talk to.  Sometimes we play games and sometimes we have themes.  There are multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and social areas to make connections with others.

I'm VERY Shy, will I have a good time?
We are asked this a lot.  Clearly, there are a lot of shy people in the world and we get a lot of shy people who attend our parties.  If you are shy, the best way to handle getting to know people is to simply say "Hi, I'm 'Joe', what's your name?".  Tell whoever you are talking to it's your first time and you're nervous, and most likely the conversation will flow from there.  Also, try talking to both men and women.  It's often easier to meet people when you have a "wing man" that can be your party buddy!  We understand you might not be looking to meet someone of the same gender at parties, but you'd be surprised how relaxed you'll feel when you are standing with a friend, rather than standing up against a wall alone.

Also, being nervous is actually a GOOD thing!!!  This means that you are probably a bit more laid back, reserved and will be both RESPECTFUL and DISCREET.  We are only looking for true mature adult when attending.  People that aren't 

What is the process for attending?
Invitations get sent out regularly for our gatherings.  First, you RSVP with ALL of the information we requested in our email invitation.  We will reply to that with a confirmation e-mail, which assures you are on our guest list for the party you have RSVP'd to.

What if I RSVP'd and changed my mind?
If you have decided that you are just "not ready" please just email us and tell us that.  Do NOT feel you ahve to make up a story about a car accident, illness, family emergency or anything else tragic.  (Karma!)  We understand first parties are a big step and simply being honest will keep you on our mailing list for when you ARE ready!

What do you supply?
We supply snacks, appetizers, soft drinks, bottled water, and ice.  We also supply adult entertainment on all television sets.  Anything else you feel you may need, please bring on your own.

Are Showers Available?
Yes, showers are available before, during and after the parties. 


I've NEVER been to an event like this, is that okay?
Of course it's okay!  Everyone has a first time, and we are a group that is very welcoming and low key.  We are totally NO PRESSURE and you can come and just socialize and/or watch if you want - allow yourself to come to your own comfort level in your own time.

Do you connect open minded people outside of parties?
No.  We organize gatherings just for that purpose.  The party organizers do not meet with anyone outside of events, nor do we connect group members or prospective group members outside of events.  The best way to meet up with like-minded adults is by attending any of our many gatherings.


I have a question that is not listed above

We feel that all questions that respectful, professional and discreet people over the last few years have asked are here.  If it’s not listed above, either you probably shouldn't be asking it, or you should probably know the answer to it.  You might try googling your question too.  If you feel that it is a respectful question, email us.



We understand that some single men would rather bring a date, versus coming alone.  So, perhaps you think, oh, you will find a female to accompany yourself, but not REALLY explain the details.  BE AN ADULT and make sure everyone is on the same page and comfortable before arriving.  We do welcome single men, so it's better to come alone and meet other like-minded males and females rather than bringing someone under false-pretenses. 


When you come as a couple, please remember to discuss your boundaries/rules and make sure you are both on the same page.  Figure it out before you come, not once you arrive.  It will make for a much more exciting and fun night for you both.!




  • "I had a great time as a single guy last night. Came after golf and it made the day complete."
    Good time
  • "Hey guys... had a super fun time! It was my first party and I loved it. Everybody was so nice and outgoing. I defiantly going to come again. "
    Soooo much fun